Quality Testing for System Integration

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Quality Testing for System Integration

1. Application


  • Please download the corresponded application form. Then, send an e-mail or directly apply to TTA (visiting or mailing)
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  • Jae-hyun Yu, +82-31-724-0218
  • Beom-sang Yoon, +82-31-724-4642

2. Consulting

Discuss test details

  • Introduction of test and procedure
  • Explanation of the target product (applicant)
  • Discussion of test scope and environment

3. Contract


  • After the period and the commission of test are calculated, TTA notifies ordering organization.
  • Ordering organization should deposit the commission of test and prepare the requisite documents and sign a contract.
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4. Test

Conduct Quality Test

  • Perform quality evaluation on analyzes and design stage based on the user requirement specification
Conduct Quality Test

5. Report Test Result

  • TTA provides the test result report to ordering organization.
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