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GS Testing·Certification

1. Application & Registration


  • Please download the corresponded application form. Then, send an e-mail or directly apply to TTA (visiting or mailing)


  • The registration number will be issued to applied companies by email.

2. Consulting

  • Consult the test details
    • Introduction of testing and certification procedure
    • Explanation of the software to be tested (applicant)
    • Confirmation on test scope and test environment

3. Contract

  • After the period and the commission of test are calculated by testing agreement, TTA notifies applied companies.
  • Applied companies should deposit the commission of test and prepare the requisite documents and sign a contract.

※ Electronic tax invoice will be issued by TTA

※ Documents required for the contract : A copy of Business Registration Certificate
A copy of Certificate of the Corporate Seal Impression
A copy of Legal Pledge on the Seal to be used

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4. Test

  • Conduct the test according to the contract provisions after setting up the test environment (including both HW and SW)
    • Analysis and design
    • Test software
    • Defect report
    • Regression test
    • Onsite screening

5. The 3rd Party Authenticating Committee

  • An authenticating committee, composed of third party experts on the related fields, deliberates on the quality evaluation results.

6. Provide Test Result Report and Certificate

  • The test result report and GS Certificate with the mark will be issued (only the test result report will be issued if the authenticating committee's result is fail).
  • Certification results will be TTA website [] and SWIT website [] for PR and marketing.
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