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CC Evaluation


CC Evaluation

Major Activities of CC Evaluation

  • Evaluate “security target” documents and development artifacts including functional specification, according to Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL1 through EAL7)
  • Perform functionality tests of IT security products
  • Analyze security vulnerabilities of IT security products
  • Verify security and safety of development environments

CC Evaluation Consulting

“CC Consulting” supports companies preparing CC Evaluation.

Major Activities of CC Consulting

  • Provide guidelines of CC Evaluation scheme, procedure, etc
  • Consult CC Evaluation preparation
  • Suggest features of IT security products in order to conform national scheme, protection profiles and other security requirements

Assurance Continuity

"Assurance Continuity" evaluates changes of certified TOE (Target of Evaluation) or its environment.

Major Activities of Assurance Continuity

  • Verify changes of the IT environment and changes to modify new vulnerability
  • Verify application to different OS
  • Verify changes to the certified TOE
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