BMT (Benchmark Test)

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BMT(Benchmark Test)

1. Request of Ordering Organization

  • The ordering organization inquires TTA for BMT about target products. If the target product is suitable for BMT, the ordering organization sends the official document for requesting BMT.

2. Establish Plan

  • TTA prepares the detail plan (BMT environment, evaluation items, test scenario and schedule) reflecting the request of ordering organization after analyzing target products for BMT and RFP (Request for Proposal).

3. Plan Deliberation

  • Deliberative committee reviews detail plan and evaluation and distribution. TTA applies the result of discussion to BMT plan, sending it to the ordering organization.

4. Briefing Session

  • TTA opens briefing session for companies expecting to participate in BMT.

5. Application


  • Please download the corresponded application form. Then, send an e-mail or directly apply to TTA (visiting or mailing)

Lottery for Sequence

  • Lottery for sequence of BMT with applied companies
  • BMT schedules will be informed to applied companies
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6. Contract


  • After the period and the commission of test are calculated, TTA notifies ordering organization or applied companies.
  • Ordering organization or applied companies should deposit the commission of test and prepare the requisite documents and sign a contract.
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7. Test

Conduct BMT

  • Applied companies install the target product under the BMT environment.
  • TTA performs BMT of the target product according to the testcase.
  • Applied companies check the result of the target product testcase.

8. Deliberative Committee & Report Test Result

  • Deliberative committee reviews objections occurred during BMT.
  • TTA provides the result report reflecting deliberative committee’s result to the ordering organization or applied companies.
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