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Product POSDATA Co., Ltd (u-CUBE v2.0)
<회사명 및 제품명> <인증번호>
POSDATA Co., Ltd (u-CUBE v2.0) 07-0167
<Introductiony> u-CUBE is an enterprise EAI/ESB solution designed to integrate distributed IT systems quickly, flexibly, and conveniently to ensure savvy responses to rapidly changing business and IT environments. <Main Function>
    ◎ Management Tool    - Maintains data history; provides logging and analysis functionalities    - Provides centralized, real-time monitoring of service provisioning    - Issues warnings and alarms for irregularities    - Ensures centralized organization    - Generate the configuration data for each service ◎ Service    - Supports Queue/Topic service modes    - Applies N:N routing    - Links to IBM MQSeries and fiorano MQ    - Provides TC, File type transmission    - Ensures fail-over    - Supports diverse OS environments and development languages