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Product Total GIS Work Group Co., Ltd. ( K-ROAD v1.0 )
<Introduction> "HanGuk-Gil[Road Information Management System by TGW]" is developed in compliance with standardized design for Road information management provided by Ministry of Construction & Transportation. This system outstand to managedigital spatial data and its attributes as using Graphic User Interface, especially in the side of handling of spatial data such as adding, deletingand editing. HanGuk-Gil can access to databases under the C/S as well as stand-alone operation , and have various functions for decision making. <Main function>
  1. Administration function : User control, Code management
  2. General Functions: Coordinate and display area management, Layer control, measurement(distance, area etc), Information retrieval, Printing, Data converting(to shp or dxf), Data transportation to Local governments
  3. Editing Functions : Fixing of editing conditions by users, editing of graphic and text data, in addition to supporting tools
  4. Supporting and Extending of business: Road map and ledgers management for Road facilities maintenance