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Product Daehan Geography Information Co., Ltd. ( Waterworks/Sewerage v1.0 )
<Introduction> DH_Project Waterworks/Sewerage is applied GIS software for the management of facilities of water supply and drainage. It is a constituentof DH_Project developed by Daehan Geography information Co, Ltd. according to the design of standardized management software for the underground facilities of Ministry of Construction & Transportation. <Main function>
  1. Classify the related data into each layer, manage them and generate thematic map.
  2. Easily modify and manage the blueprint with strong editing functions for the blueprint and its attributes.
  3. Manage all the facilities about water supply and drainage such as establishments for observation and expropriation.
  4. Suitable for dealing with the administrative affairs by presenting the user interface
  5. Management functions for statistical data with utilizing various information (to send function by Spread Sheet of MS Excel and so on)
  6. Operate the system safely through the various functions for user management