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Product ㈜핸디소프트( Handy BPM v9.0 )
b> Handy BPM offers complete capabilities for building and managing automated business processes, including tools for designing and monitoring the processes, presenting and accessing work, and administering the platform itself. BizFlow easily integrates with legacy databases, enterprise applications, and document management systems so that customers can maximize their investments in current and future IT infrastructure. Built on the foundation of Handy BPM the award-winning platform for business process management (BPM), workflow automation, and collaboration, our solutions automate and simplify processes, enforce best practices, improve quality and productivity, and foster collaboration internally as well as with customers and partners.
  1. Intuitive process design tool that programs for you
  2. Anyone-can-do-it electronic forms design tool
  3. Ad hoc routing
  4. Real-time process monitoring and audit trails
  5. Real-time reports for management
  6. Support for Web Services
  7. Role-based, configurable UI
  8. Point-and-click administration