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Welcome to STCL(Software Testing & Certification Laboratory).

Software quality is becoming one of the key factors of industrial competitiveness and its importance is being emphasized increasingly. In the rapidly changing environment of IT industry environment, it is priority for domestic software to reinforce the quality competitiveness in order to be a global product.

STCL (Software Testing & Certification Laboratory) is a government affiliated organization for software quality certification. Since 2001 STCL has been providing various testing and certification services including GS testing certification, Benchmark test and CC evaluation to improve the quality of domestic software.

STCL has been constantly trying to improve the acknowledgement of domestic SMEs' software quality through the software test training program, openlab service and standardizing quality evaluation methodology

As a specialized organization for software testing and certification, STCL will reinforce its ability in order to be on our best to respond immediately to requirements of software industry and companies as well as improve the quality of domestic software.

Thank you.

Vice President of TTA
Cheol-soon Park