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"Quality Testing for System Integration" provides quality testing for government and public institution's outcome of information-oriented business (system and document) in order to enhance SW quality.

Target Products

  • Outcome of information-oriented business (system and document) from public institutions
    • Intermediate and deliverable stage of development product
    • Test outcomes of each development stage


  • Establish the test methodology and plan
  • Create testcases follwing the test methodology
  • Perform tests systematically with SW test tools

Major Cases

  • MOGA (Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs) - Electronic document management system
  • MIC (Ministry of Information and Communication) - Electronic citizen complaint management system
  • DAPA (Defense Acquisition Program Administration) - Project management and information system
  • Seoul Medical Center - Integrated hospital information system
  • Seoul City Hall - New transportation card payment system
  • MOSF (Ministry of Strategy and Finance) - Online lottery system
  • MOLTM (Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs) - Airport facilities safety management system
  • ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) - Vehicle operation system
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