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Types of Software Certified

Types of Software Certified
  • Embedded SW, Package SW, Digital Contents SW, e-Business SW, GIS SW, DBMS, Middleware, Bio-Metric SW, Security SW, Component SW, Customized SW, Modeling Tool, Mobile SW, Game SW, etc.


  • Test and evaluate software based on the evaluation model, developed from international standards, which has 7 quality characteristics including functionality, usability, efficiency, reliability, portability, maintainability and indication & identification
  • Develope test cases considering features and characteristics of software
  • Perform tests and provide defect reports to software companies, which guides companies to enhance software quality
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Effects of GS Certification

1. Quality Improvement and Cost Reduction

  • Improve software quality in a short time and reduce cost through the 3rd party testing and certification

2. Public Relations and Marketing

  • Obtain customers' confidence of software which is authorized by software quality certification institute designated by the government
  • Announce certified software through mass media and post software information on the website
    • TTA website and SWIT website
    • TTA journal
  • Advertise certified software at WIS*

3. Institutional Advantages

  • GS certified products can apply for a unit price contract decided by the 3rd party and register with the Public Procurement Service (Revision of Procurement Act, 2004.8)
  • GS certified software is granted a higher priority for purchase
    • Act on Facilitation of Purchase of Small and Medium Enterprise Manufactured Products and Support for Development of the Markets (Act 11690, 2013.3.23)
    • The Products Are Granted a Higher Priority for Purchase (MIC Notice 2009-248, 2009.6.22)
    • Enforcement Decree of Facilitation of Purchase of Small and Medium Enterprise Manufactured Products and Support for Development of their markets (Presidential Decree 24492, 2013.4.3)
  • The SMBA Performance Certificate is automatically issued for GS certified products (MOTIE Decree 2, 2013.3.23)
  • Carried out Performance Insurance of GS-certified products & Immunity Service for purchaser (SMBA Notice 2010-29, 2010.9.2)
  • Government purchasers are exempt from responsibility (SMBA, 2005.7.1)
  • Required to obtain GS certification for delivering GIS SW to MOCT (Ministry of Construction & Transportation) (MOCT Notification No.2002-137, NO.2003-286)
  • Required to obtain SW certification for the school affair management system of KNPA (Korea National Police Agency) (KPNA Notification No.2005-6)
  • GS certified products are exempt from SW Technology Evaluation (MIC Notice 2011-148, 2011.7.22)
  • GS certified companies are given additional points when reviewed for designation as a Military Service Exception Firm (SMBA, 2011.6)
  • Additional points are added when the MIC evaluates technical proposal for e-government business (NIA, 2012.1)
  • Recommended to obtain GS certified software for information system development business of Ministry of National Defense (2005.11.30)
  • Required to obtain GS certified software for ordering software
    • Act on Contracts to Which the State Is a Party (MOSF Decree, No.342, 2013.3.23)
    • Software for Separated Ordering (MKE notice No.2013-41)
  • Required to obtain GS certification for Korea Software Awards (2005.1)

* WIS : World IT Show

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