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"BMT (Benchmark Test)" measures similar software products within the same criteria which allows comparing capabilities of software. Buyers have chances to select a better product and SW developers recognize the strength and the weakness of their products through the test.

Types of BMT

  • SW BMT with division order
  • Customized BMT
  • BMT with international SW & domestic SW
  • BMT with similar domestic SW
  • BMT with HW specifications, function and performance

Education of BMT

  • Education of successful BMT cases and procedures for contractors
  • Education of drawing evaluation items for ordering organizations
  • Education of division order for SW BMT in SW quality & certification fair

Major Cases

  • National Computing & Information Agency - Web Application Firewall, DB encryption solution and Net connection solution
  • Korea Post Information Center - DB encryption solution and e-mail tool
  • MOSPA - backup SW, Web server and WAS
  • KIPO - Portal solution, Search engine and Internet connection management system
  • Vaccine SW for Windows server, Mobile software and PC management SW
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Effects of BMT (Benchmark Test)

  • 1. Shift paradigm from the price to technology and quality in terms of competition
  • 2. Support to purchase outstanding SW, providing the objective comparison result among similar SW types
  • 3. Raise SW quality competitiveness through BMT inducing technology competition among SW companies
  • 4. Promote and educate success cases and system of BMT as well as alter the recognition of BMT through seminar and set the infrastructure of separate-order system for customer
  • 5. Select the optimum SW corresponding to ordering organization's request
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