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Progress Status List
No Product Company Name Evaluation Assurance Level Status
18CC국내UC FRONT V2.0EAL3Evaluation
17CC국내HI-TAM 4.1EAL2Evaluation
16CC국내REDOWL SecuOS V5.6 for RHEL 6EAL3Evaluation
15CC국내REDOWL SecuOS V5.5 for Windows Server 2012EAL3Evaluation
14CC국내ViRobot Security 1.0 and ViRobot Manager 1.0EAL3Evaluation
13CC국제D'Guard v3.0EAL1+Evaluation
12CC국제TMZ-SE V1.0EAL2Evaluation
11CC국제KCOS e-Passport Version 5.0 on S3D350AEAL5+Evaluation
10CC국내ViRobot Security Server 1.0 and ViRobot Manager 1.0EAL3Evaluation
9CC국내DuoGRIFFIN V1.0EAL3Contract
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